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— July 22, 2016

Hello again! Last night we had our July 2016 meetup at the FedEx Institute of Technology. Our resident microservice expert Josh W. Lewis gave us a fantastic, and well balanced, look at microservices. Starting with an overview of microservices, Josh showed us some of the pros and cons of microservices compared to the “monolithic” approach. He then explained how the different services communicate, as well as some examples of individual responsibilities each service can have.

Josh Presenting at Memphis Ruby Users Group

Josh wrapped up the presentation with a walkthrough of Pliny. Pliny seems like a fascinating approach to building APIs with Ruby. I found Josh’s talk to be a very good way to help developers decide when microservices are appropriate. The night didn’t stop with microservices! We ended with a walk around the University of Memphis catching Pokemon.

If you’re interested in Ruby, new to Ruby, experienced with Ruby, or just wanna hang out- come check out our next meetup!

Special thanks to the University of Memphis for hosting the event, as well as LensRentals for the Pizza.