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Jason Charnes — January 20, 2017

2017 started out with a bang for MemphisRuby. Daniel Pritchett, Memphis Ruby Users Group (MRUG) founder, and Clear Function developer gave a presentation entitled: “The Secret about Makefiles Front-end Developers Don’t Want You To Know!”

Daniel showed us a Rails project his team built using NPM scripts and Webpack instead of the Asset Pipeline.

He was looking to rely less on his Continous Integration’s (CI) settings and more on a configurable script inside the project. That lead him to Makefiles. By creating a Makefile in his project, he was able to tell the CI to rely on the Makefile, instead of explicitly telling the CI what steps to take to build the tests.

Once Daniel completed his presentation and let us grasp the magic he had just shown us, he took the opportunity to show us some of his favorite SideKiq code in the project. If you’ve been to a MRUG meetup before, then you know the love Ruby developers in Memphis have for SideKiq.

In fact, so much so that Mike Cochran gave us an impromptu presentation on some SideKiq code he has written in a project. Mike also recently gave a SideKiq presentation at our November meetup. We love SideKiq.

We’d love to see you at the next meetup!

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