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The Memphis Ruby Users Group is a software group interested in topics related to the Ruby programming language. We have monthly meetups at various locations throughout the Greater Memphis Area. We usually have two presentations each month, given by local practitioners. Our members and topics range from novice to expert, and we welcome newcomers.

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Meetings & Updates

Josh W. Lewis — January 28, 2015

This month, we had a great meetup at Coroutine’s new office space on Broad Ave.

Jason Charnes educated us on how to decorate your models as an alternative to Rails' helper system. A tradidtional Rails view helper might look like this:

module ChurchesHelper
  def remove_church_from_name(name)
    name.split(" ").reject{ |e| e == "Church" }.join(" ")

And you’d use it like this:

  <h5><%= remove_church_from_name( %></h5>

This works, and helps keep your code DRY, though you usually end up with long method names, and several concerns mixed into a module.

Draper is a RubyGem for adding decorating methods to models. With Draper, you can do something like this:

class ChurchDecorator < Draper::Decorator
  def name" ").reject{ |e| e == "Church" }.join(" ")

Which you can use in your views like this:

  <h5><%= %></h5>

It certainly feels more Object Oriented, and in my book, it’s a little clearer. Jason showed us how to get setup with Draper, and explained some of the deeper semantics. Check out Jason’s slides here.

We concluded the event with an inpromptu editor showdown. Various developers showcased their editors, with varying degrees of success (I hope I didn’t turn anyone off on Vim). We saw Vim, Atom, and PHPStorm, and talked about others like Sublime and TextMate.

Thanks to Coroutine for the meeting space and the awesome Broadway Pizza.

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Jason Charnes — September 30, 2014


Our September meetup featured an extensive look at the gem Unitwise. Unitwise is a Ruby library for unit measurement conversion and math.

Josh, Unitwise creator and fellow Memphis Rubyist, walked us through Unitwise. For those who haven’t needed such in-depth measurement conversion, myself included, he shared his initial use case for a unit conversion tool. Once everyone was on the same page, he moved to the core of the gem and all it’s amazing capabilites. Josh loaded up a Ruby console and showed us the inner workings of Unitwise, while showing us the code behind it all.

For me to try and explain all of Unitwise’s true capabilites wouldn’t give it justice. Josh has set up a demo site that will let you see it in action. I recommend you check it out!


Next Meeup

Have something you want to share with us? Slots are still open for next month.

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