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The Memphis Ruby Users Group is a software group interested in topics related to the Ruby programming language. We have monthly meetups at various locations throughout the Greater Memphis Area. We usually have two presentations each month, given by local practitioners. Our members and topics range from novice to expert, and we welcome newcomers.

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Meetings & Updates

Josh W. Lewis — April 21, 2014

Last Tuesday's meetup at Coroutine was another great one. We had two presentations:

Exploring Ruby's Enumerable and Comparable

I got us started with a quick demonstration on Ruby's Enumerable. I covered some simple use cases of enumerable's methods, then finished it up with an example scenario using Enumerable and Comparable as mixins. You can check out the slides and the sample code.

Spree Commerce Tour

Daniel Pritchett gave us a great tour of Spree Commerce. It's a complete e-commerce solution built on Ruby on Rails. He walked us through a demo site he had setup, where he highlighted products, checkout, site administration, and hub integration.

Thanks to all who came, and to Coroutine for the food and meeting space.

Slots are still open for next month! If you have something you want to present, contact us - we would love to see it!

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Josh W. Lewis — March 18, 2014

We had another great meetup at Coroutine tonight! While the initial crowd was small, we had more attendees trickle in for a pretty good turnout. We had pizza, some nice conversation, and two presentations:

Taking an Application from Concept to Reality

Daniel Soskel went over the development process he used for his parts store app. This was a Rails application that he built for his senior project. He showed us how he determined his database structure and data modeling, and finished with a nice demo.

Implementing Sidekiq Workers in Go

Mike Cochran demonstrated a very interesting use case for Go. He replaced his resource intensive Ruby Sidekiq workers with equivalent ones written in Go. Watching these workers run highlighted how well Go's focus on concurrency and performance can pay off.

Thanks to both of our presenters, and Coroutine for the pizza and meeting space. I am looking forward to the next meeting, where Daniel Pritchett will present about an unknown topic related to Spree Commerce.

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